I am deeply in love with trying out new concepts related to Data Science and Statistics. On this blog I want to share and discuss my ideas and results which will mostly be expressed in Python code and some Math – numbers and code in short.

About me

Starting from an undergraduate program in Economics, I become fascinated by quantitative techniques and its applications business and finance. That interest lead me to writing my bachelor’s thesis about applied Machine Learning and gave me the opportunity to explore and work with a variety of classic ML tools like Neural Networks, Random Forests or Support Vector Machines. Over time, I got more and more passionate about both mathematical and IT topics and my reading list went from books about Differential Geometry and Abstract Algebra to Cryptography and Quantum Computing.

At the moment I am in my final term of a graduate Statistics program, writing a thesis about Bayesian Machine Learning for non-linear time-series analysis. My current research interest are time-series, dynamical systems and stochastic processes in all varieties and how to apply Machine Learning and classical models to those.

Besides studying, I am also freelancing in Data Science Рmostly applying Machine Learning and Statistics to solve problems related to Finance and the Stock Markets but always open to new challenges. Feel free to visit my LinkedIn-page or XING if you are German speaking.