This section contains a list of books about Statistics, Data Science, etc. that I enjoyed reading. If you don’t like affiliate links you can also copy and paste the title to search for yourself.


TitleAuthorCategoryCommentsCover & Link
Mathematical Statistics for Economics and BusinessRon C. MittelhammerStatisticsLots of math and pages but the reward for working through this beast is a solid foundation of statistical theory.
Bayesian Data AnalysisAndrew Gelman et al.StatisticsOne of the most prominent books on Bayesian Statistics. Very entertaining despite some math heavy passages.
Quantum Computing - A gentle introductionEleanor G. Rieffel and Wolfgang H. PolakProgrammingAs the title promises the content is indeed a gentle introduction and not too complicated to understand for non-physicists.
Time Series AnalysisJames D. HamiltonStatisticsThe classic book for time series analysis. Many formulas but it covers all the basics.
Nonlinear Time Series AnalysisHolger Kantz and Thomas SchreiberStatisticsA good introduction to non-linear time-series analysis. Not too many formulas but lots of useful concepts.
Chaos and Time-Series AnalysisJulien Clinton SprottStatisticsAnother good read about non-linear time series. Stresses the concept of chaotic behavior.
The Misbehavior of Markets: A Fractal View on Financial TurbulenceBenoit Mandelbrot and Richard L. HudsonOtherA classic written by the father of fractal geometry. Almost no math.